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Skin and Cold Allergies homeopathic treatment

Skin and Cold allergies are of various types.The most notable allergy which involves both skin and cold conditions is called Cold urticaria.This is an allergic skin reaction which appears after exposure to cold.The affected skin develops itchy welts.

Causes of Skin and Cold Allergies:

Cold urticaria is caused by exposure to cold.This exposure triggers the release of histamine and other chemicals into the bloodstream.These chemicals cause redness and itchiness on the skin.

– Some of the risk factors for these allergies are:-

– Young Adult-Skin and cold allergies are mostly prevalent in young adults.

– Genetics-A family bloodline history of skin and cold allergies may sometime cause them.

– Secondary skin and cold allergies can be caused by other underlying diseases.

Symptoms of Skin and Cold Allergies:

– Symptoms of skin and cold allergies may include:-

– Reddish,itchy welts on the skin

– Worsening of the reaction as the skin warms

– Swelling on the hands when touching cold objects

– Swelling on the lips after consumption of cold drinks or food.

– Swelling of the tongue or throat which can cause difficulty in breathing.

Treatments of Skin and Cold Allergies:

Practicing exercises like Yoga,following a well maintained healthy diet and taking medication can cure the skin and cold allergies

– Natural exercise like yoga helps to reduce skin and cold allergies.Some of the yoga poses for this regard are:-

– 1. Pavanamuktasana(Wind-Relieving Pose)

This yoga pose helps to stimulate the nerves and improve blood circulation and removes toxins from the body.

– 2. SethuBandhasana(Bridge Pose)

This pose is similar to the structure of a bridge,hence also referred to as the Bridge pose.It reduces stress and aids to stimulate the lungs. It also reduces headaches and fatigue.

Diet for Skin and Cold Allergies:-

Skin and Cold Allergies are very irksome.But a healthy diet can be effective to reduce the allergy.It may not cure it completely,but the symptoms and irritation will definitely be reduced.

Best Foods:

– There are many foods that can be included in the diet to decrease skin and cold allergy.Some of these are:-

– 1. Onions,peppers,berries,etc have Quercetin.It is a natural plant chemical and it helps to reduce histamine reactions.Histamine are very influential in inducing allergies.

– 2. Vitamin-C rich foods-Foods rich in Vitamin C have a great effect in reducing Skin and Cold allergy.It can cut down Histamine and therefore reduce skin and cold allergies.Citrus fruits and oranges are rich in Vitamin C content.

– 3. Fish-Fishes like Tuna,Mackerel and Salmon have Omega-3 Fatty acids are very effective in reducing inflammation and therefore decrease and prevents Skin and cold allergies.

– 4. Honey-a very renowned food for reducing allergies, honey really helps in dealing with Cold allergies.

Foods to avoid:

– Some foods may hasten the risk of skin and cold allergies.Some of them are:-

– 1. Vegetables-Some vegetables can cause skin and cold allergies.Vegetables like Corn and Celery have grass pollen which in turn causes Allergies.

– 2. Food Additives-Artificial food additives like flavourings,colourings,etc may trigger skin and cold allergies.

– 3. Dry Fruits like almonds,hazelnuts,etc may cause allergic response.

– 4. Cold drinks and beverages provokes cold allergies.

Homeopathic Treatments:

– Some homeopathic remedies for skin and cold allergies are:-

– 1. Arsenic alb-The symptoms for this homeopathic medicine include a burning sensation in the eyes and nose,sneezing while waking,anxiety and restlessness.

– 2. Allium Cepa-This medicine helps for people experiencing irritation caused by nasal mucus in the nose or upper lip and runny eyes.

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